Morgan Dollars



A must have series!

..When I first started collecting Morgan dollars, I jumped in with both feet. I looked around to see what would set me apart from other sets, so I sarted with Binon's. I felt if I obtained all that I could I would be set. Then I discovered Redfield, Fitzgerald, Richmond and on and on and on. I looked at what I had and could see I was going no where. So, I decided I only need one coin for each date and mint mark and started to pare my collection now.

..Then I became aware of VAM's (what the heck is a VAM?. One day I'll take the time to learn.), I started with 1878 8TF. NGC has provided me with a road map, I just need to fill in the blanks! Easy as pie, WRONG. Now there are the Top-100, Top-50 and on and on.

..This is my newest addition.




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