I didn,t see this one coming!

....Here I sat, Fat, Dumb and Happy! I had completed my goal and now could compete with the big boys. I was tied for 1st Place in the Australia Lunar Series, I would just need one coin a year for the next three years. The 2008-Rat, 2009-OX, and 2010-Tiger then I could just sit back and watch the awards.

....I was so happy, I jumped up on my chair, pounded my chest and called for Jane (actually Mary)! She flew in like a Queen. I said me Clay, you Mary look at our set. She looked and said why are you so happy, you are number two?

....WHAT? How could I be number two? I looked and someone had changed the game! I was five runs (coins) behind. The early releases had been added to the set 2008, 2009 and 2010. I had seen these coins, but didn't think anyone would want one. I went to my dugout to look at the raw 2010 I had purchased from a local dealer. It had 2010 Tiger on the front, turned it over and there was 2007! SHOCKED, I now understood.

....BUT, wait there was two more coins to look at. They had a 2007 Koala (Bear) listed. I got out my score card (Chinese Astrology chart) There was no bear listed! The next coin was a 2007 Kookaburra (Bird) again not on the chart!

....Now what do I do, the games almost over and I'm five runs behind? Well what any red blooded American would do. I stepped up to bat and WACK, WACK, WACK I now had three. Number four was out and here it came, WACK I had number four. Number five proved to be harder, it came in high, but I just closed my eyes and took a WACK, it was a homerun. Now the question is well they cross the plate before the game is called for time.

....This is a beautiful coin I have purchased, I wasn't going to get into, because I already had to many sets I'm trying to finish!




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