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Collectors journal for coins is great!



Collectors journal for comics need a defibrillator

Now, granted, I don't get on here everyday and write something. Sometimes I just like to read what other people have experienced. I'll admit too, the first ones I read are the ones that have a picure....kinda reminds me of my single days lookin in the ....nevermind, different subject.

Well, now I'm getting kind heavy into the comic side of the house. Wife is not pleased, but as long as I don't go overboard, she's alright with it. I really didn't hear a price tag attached to "overboard" but I'll know it when I cross it.

Back to title subject. The coins journal always and daily has some entries in it. I've started in comics, and it seems that I'm the only one writing in it, maybe another person, and sometimes there isn't an entry for 2-4 days! There are people reading them, but no big or interesting buys? No outstanding grades? No remarkable findings in the attic??

The way the Collectors Society (hear the angels sing!) site is set up is great, with the tabs for the comics, coins and notes. I've even considered collecting notes "just cause". Click on the comics and read the journals, and see the dates and how many are from me.

I know it's not a requirement, but it's also fun to read back and remember "Oh Yea! I remember when I bought that!". Maybe I'm being too particular, but it's like talking in an empty hall!

Alright, I'm done ranting....again. Thanks for the ear!



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