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Coins as Gifts!



A great idea1.

....I just recently received my Coins Magazine, and they have some great stories about the history of giving coins as gifts. I started a few years ago, giving U.S. Mint Proof sets by the birth or marriage year. That didn't last to long, I guess people weren't jumping for joy.

....When I journeyed into certified coins, I started giving coins as gifts again. I gave my children (four) proof ASE NGC PF 69 or 70. My grandchildren (five) and son-in-law receive mint state ASE's MS-69s (I keep ALL 70's).

....I didn't know how well this was received, until at a new daughter-in-laws birthday, I heard her say to my son, "I'm waiting for my coin)! If that wasn't enough, wait until you don't give a coin, and you will see how much they like them.

....The problem I'm having now, another daughter-in-law, another grand child and the grandchildren are starting to get married and have great-grandchildren! THE FUN ONLY KEEPS GROWING!



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