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Update to Roman Empire Page 9 (Crisis II) = Orbiana Denarius



The latest update on my NGC Ancients Custom Set entitled "The Roman Empire" is that I recently posted Owner's Comments for my denarius featuring Empress Orbiana, wife of Emperor Severus Alexander.  


This coin is rare, with 14 examples mentioned in a seminal reference.  This specimen is in excellent state of preservation, NGC Ancients graded it as MS, Strike = 5/5, Surface = 3/5.   


I had a bit of difficulty sorting through the information regarding Orbiana, since there is little to go on, and much of the information is unreliable.  Interestingly, much of what we know for certain about Orbiana is derived from her coinage, a reminder of the importance of ancient coins on our understanding of history. I did my best to provide some information about what we know, for instance based on coinage, as well as speculations based on other, i.e., literary, artifacts alluding to Orbiana (and her father, who may have served as Alexander's Caesar).


Here is a link to the coin...


And here is a link to the collection...



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