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Update on Roman Empire, Page 6 Golden Age I, Marciana bronze featuring Pelops reverse



The latest update on the "Roman Empire" collection is that I finished and uploaded my Owner's Comments for my ancient bronze representing Marciana, sister of Emperor Trajan.


This particular coin features Pelops on the reverse, at least that is what the inscription and many sources lead me to believe, even if NGC provides the attribution with a question mark (admittedly, Pelops is usually depicted on a chariot, not on horseback).


In any case, the mythology surrounding Pelops is an interesting one, and provides a fable for the origin of the Olympic Games.  Therefore, I took the opportunity to discuss the tale of Pelops, the Olympics in ancient times, and how the event's prestige increased during Rome's Golden Age.  Within this backdrop, I also discuss what we know about Marciana, who by all accounts was a noblewoman of great virtue who enjoyed a close relationship with not only her brother, but also her sister-in-law, the Empress Plotina.  Marciana was the first sister of an Emperor to be named Augusta, and the first to be deified.  She also was the first Roman woman (along with her daughter Matidia) to have her own dedicated temple complex in Rome.


If you are interested in more details, please see my full Owner's Comments here...


And here is a link to the Roman Empire collection...



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