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We are all building one!

When we decided to join the Collectors Society and participate in the Registry, we embarked on a journey to build our own museums. The museums will reflect our desires, passions, interests and of course our money. While we are building our collections, we invite the public to come in and enjoy the journey together, and it's free! We tell them to come back anytime day or night and it's still free. Some of us are ashamed of our collections and have closed(OBSCURED) them to the public.

I would like to point out two or three of the musems that I have enjoyed and learned from. We have thousands of museums to visit and I haven't been to all of them yet, plus I don't have the time or space to list all of them I have toured! In no certain order they are: First, Jacksons High Seas Museum. Here is a collector who has a passion for coins with ships on them. He has assembled an amazing collection of coins from around the world, with pictures and descriptions that would be hard to duplicate. When I leave this collection I'm just in wonder of how he was able to do this. Now when I see a coin with a ship on it, sometimes they just sail past me, or grab me and make me take a second look. I always think, is this one in Jacksons museum? The next one is Robert K. Tuttles Museums of Pandas. Since I'm trying to build my own Panda Museum, I use Roberts for my reference Library! Here again is a very smart collector who collects what he enjoys. Since I said three, the third would be King of Eagles morgan dollar collections. All three have given me many hours of enjoyment!



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