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Update on Roman Empire, Page 4 "Decadence" = Caligula bronze



The latest update to the my NGC Ancients Custom Set entitled "The Roman Empire" is that I finished and posted my Owner's Comments for my ancient bronze featuring the notorious Emperor Caligula.  


While I don't want to go into the entirety of my comments, I will provide here an intriguing except...


In addition to scandalous accounts still sensationalized in modern media, Caligula left behind a rich and interesting coinage.  This bronze is of particular interest, contemporaneous with Caligula’s metamorphosis into a monster, even if the extent of monstrosity is subject to historical interpretation.


Here is a link to the coin...

And here is a link to the collection...







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Thanks again for your kind comments.  Seeing responses like yours reminds me that my effort isn't just for my own satisfaction. I am also pleased to comment that, with the completion of my writeup on the Caligula bronze, this "Page" of the Roman Empire is now completed!

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