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When I first started collecting the $20 Canadian silver coins, I was told NGC would not grade the "snowflake" issues. They contain crystals that may come loose and therefore are not gradable. My how times have changed. Now the "catch phrase seems to be "colored outside the mint" I am out  good deal of time and money for this excuse to grade a coin that is submitted with a COA, and charged for no grading, or encapsulation. Limited numbers are being plated or colorized, and many more to come. Our US coins aren't even struck in the mint they claim to be struck in. If NGC is afraid the enamel will fall off, why are we signing a release when submitted?

I just had 2 more become "ungradable" and have more (8), of the same to be graded. There needs to be a list of coins that NGC will not grade. Now I have 2 collections that are missing completion. At close to $100.00 per coin and $30 each to not grade them, it is ludicrous. 

There will be many more (collectors) trying to make sets with high grades, but now we have been halted by "policy."  There needs to be a current list, or a change in the grading procedure. SmartMint is coming fast and then we will see. No one even knows where, or what entity even strike them anymore. Why should NGC care about the colorization on so few specimens?

if they are not colorized at "the" mint. Where are they done? Why do B.H. Mayer and CIT exchange coins? I also have a few other colorized coins that came from "the" mint.

Collectors need a list before we engage in the purchase of coins that are "worthless."



colored leopard.jpg


2017 colorized leopare coa001.jpg



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Hello, namvette68, we apologize for any inconvenience.

We have sent you a few emails to your email address we have on file for you in reference to this coin and to the Ghana 2016 Parrot S5C coin, as well. Thank you.

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The coins that are colorized outside the RCM or USA mints cannot be graded as they should not be.

Coins may be minted by RCM or USA mints but colorized by a third outside party. They buy the coins cheaply in Monster Boxes or tubes, stick a decal on them and wham they get $100 for a $20.00 coin. These are not mint issued coins and have no value other than melt. it's to bad so many people have fallen for this trick sale. if you notice the boxes they come are not mint issued, the COA's are made up to look authentic.

Do anyone actually believe the original mints are only going to produce 100 coins, DUH !

However they keep coming out and some are very nicely done. So if you want fancy decals over your bullion coins in your collection go for it.

As for me I collect International coinage from real mints. Your first clue should be to check the NGC Registry. If you cannot find the coin anywhere, which you wont. It's a fake. We don't need a book to let us know which are fakes just use common sense.

Sorry to hear you wasted money with NGC and the price of a Maple Leaf or Silver Eagle tube coin. However you have the coins. My advice put them on eBay, possibly you can get some of your money back.

Good Luck, Bob (Charleston-Coin)


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In response to the previous comment I believe we all enjoy collecting whatever coin type we fancy. It does no one good to be so condeceding to make another feel stupid and ignorant because you know better. I myself have been duped by NGC with "colorized outside the mint".  The coins I have "do not have stickers" ....OMG .   I searched high and low throughout the NGC instructions provided and reviewed the list and types of coins not eligible for grading. I could find nothing that says NGC will not grade and encapsulate coins "colorized outside the mint".  This is highly irritating and at a minimum, coins ineligible for grading should be returned and we should not be charged for "grading" that does not occur. I personally don't need a purple sticker with a number. 

NGC does not have every coin on this planet in the Registry so in defense of Namvette68 this is not a fool proof way to verify coins are genuine especially if they present as genuine. A lot of new issues aren't in the registery. Could we get better instructions from NGC? Luckily I was out only a few coins but others may not be so lucky and it's a scam by NGC to not disclose this right up front. 


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