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Latest round of Grading: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly



I just received my coins from my latest round of NGS ancient grading.

These were received at NGC on March 5th, so the turnaround was slower than usual, I guess NGC is pretty busy?


In any case, here are the results...



Cornelia Supera bronze graded VF, Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5

This one came out as I expected, and I am looking forward to writing my comments on this one, especially how the Romans worshipped Cybele.



Marciana bronze graded XF, Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5

Pretty much what I expected...I was pleased with the grade of XF, but I thought I might earn a better surface grade.



Aelia Eudocia tremissis graded AU, Strike 4/5, Surface 3/5

I was very pleased with the grade on this one.  I was a bit surprised at the comment of "ex jewelry" since the auction site that I obtained this from didn't mention anything.  I have examined the coin myself, and it is not obviously to me how NGC came to that conclusion?  Not that I doubt NGC's analysis, but  am curious how they determined this?



Orbiana denarius graded MS, Strike 5/5, Surface 3/5

I was delighted to receive an MS, but I thought the surface would grade higher.



Gordian II, ancient counterfeit denarius.

This one came back as not eligible for grading.  

I was disappointed to see that, especially since NGC ancients has previously graded ancient counterfeits. Although this is admittedly an ugly-looking coin, it has an extremely fascinating history, so I am inclined to keep it in the collection.  I am not sure what the "official rule" might be for inclusion of such coins in an NGC custom set, but, at least for now, I am keeping the coin in the collection, at least until I found a decent substitute.  This is one of about a dozen ancient coins I have submitted that NGC has deemed ineligible for grading...I really would like to add these coins to my collection since they would add a lot of interest in the context of a custom ancient I wonder if there is any mechanism to "petition" NGC or something like that to have more ancient coin types eligible for grading?



Vetranio centenionalis graded MS, Strike 5/5, Surface 4/5.

I was happy to see this grade, although I thought I had a shot at Ch MS and/or a star designation since this coin has a lot of eye appeal.



Johannes bronze, graded F, Strike 4/5, Surface 3/5.

What I expected...even though F is a "bad" grade, Johannes' coinage is quite rare, and particularly difficult to obtain in any medium to high grade.



Gepids coinage was deemed not eligible for grading.  Again, I would dearly love to include in my collection since it would add a lot of interest. Again, I have the same comment as above - I wonder if there is any mechanism to "petition" NGC or something like that to have more ancient coin types eligible for grading?


That is it for this round, all the coins are added to my Roman Empire NGC ancient Custom Set, here is the link...


 I will keep updating as I get more coins included and Owner's Comments added, etc.



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Thanks for your comment on the Roman collection.  As for NGC's images, your point is well taken.  For me, I find it extremely difficult to image coins, especially ancients, and especially bronzes.I occasionally have tried NGC's photo service, but I don't particularly care for their background and am I  not convinced the extra cost is necessary.

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When my parents left Italy to come to America for a better life I was eight years old in 1956.

Before I left my grandfather who I was very close with handed me a heavy bag. Much to my amazement it was all Roman coinage. He told it was given to him by his grandfather and had most likely been passed down for centuries.

I have identified all the coins. two are gold total of 68 coins. However I will never submit them. They go to first grandson when he comes to age. With instruction to hand them to his first grandson.

We Italians love tradition !

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That is an awesome story!  Since I am also of Italian decent, I appreciate your comment about tradition.


I totally understand if you don't wish to even submit them for grading, that is not for everyone, to be sure.  But I am very curious if you ever got those Roman coins identified/appraised/cataloged, etc?  If you have any images, it would be extremely interesting to share what treasures are in that bag!

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