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New Owner's Comment, The Roman Empire, Page 4 "Decadence" = 3-Sisters Caligula Sestertius

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I just added my latest Owner's Comments, in this case, the subject was my "3-sisters Caligula sestertius".  In particular, I used this slot within the Roman Empire to represent Julia Drusilla, widely described as Caligula's favorite sister.


There was a lot of interesting material to draw from for this essay, even if the ancient histories are rife with negative bias against Caligula.   As a teaser, I will paste here the first paragraph of my Owner's Comments...


This ancient bronze bears the obverse bust of Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus, better known to history as Caligula, who, despite - or perhaps owing to – infamy remains a very popular Roman Emperor, at least among ancient coin hobbyists. This particular issue is noteworthy since the reverse features Caligula’s three sisters: Agrippina Sr. as the goddess Securitas, Julia Livilla as the goddess Fortuna, and Julia Drusilla (16 – 38 AD) as the goddess Concordia. Apocryphal or not, ancient histories describe Caligula’s incestuous escapades with his sistren. Given the combination of rarity, fascination, and historical significance, it is no wonder that this particular sestertius ranks among the most notorious of all Roman imperial issues.


If you wish to read more, please check out the Roman Empire Custom Set...







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Recommended Comments


Your custom set is truly amazing!

I am guilty of not taking more time to look at custom sets, and I fear that is the case for many in the collector's society. 

I can not even imagine the time you have invested in your Roman set. Your love for that time period and for collecting deserves everyone's attention. 

Welsh Dragon

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Welsh Dragon,


Thank you for your kind comments.  Indeed, I have invested quite a lot of time in this set.  It has afforded my an enormous personal satisfaction, for the interesting things I have learned along the way.  


Having said that, any enjoyment that you or anyone else can gain out of perusing my collection, well, that is perhaps an even greater satisfaction to me!


I am still a bit behind in keeping up to date on the collection, I have about a dozen coins that are still pending my Owner's Comments.  This is taking me time since I am finding myself more and more strict about my research and generating an interesting essay on each coin, in particular to make sure I review a good sampling of the reasonable available sources.  I am currently working on my Caligula essay, and this particular one I have been working on and off for a really long time.


Also, I am currently awaiting my next set of grading to come back soon from NGC, another seven coins. When I get the results, I will post to this journal, and, when I finally finish the Owner's Comments for each one, I will post an update as I go along.


I am also considering what is my "end game" for this collection.  I am thinking about adding another 1 to 3 more "Pages".  I might add at least another page for the late Empire, and I am also thinking about adding a "denouement" type Page (I already am accumulating some coins for that, including Goths, Vandals, etc.), and I am also thinking about adding a Page showing examples of "modern" coins, say even dating to 20th century, that use imagery hailing back to ancient Rome. In any case, if/when I decide to expand this collection a bit, I will post my thoughts here in this journal for anyone interested.










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