YEAR of the PIG



Just received!

....I started collecting the Australia Lunar Silver coins, back in 2000, long before I was aware of NGC or certified coins. I was paying $10 and $11 for them raw then, and now they are $20 raw! Good investment.

....When I became aware of certified coins and NGC, and learned a little about them I was hooked! I started sending all my raw coins to NGC, and was very happy with the grades I was receiving. The Australian coins were coming back MS-68 and 69. I didn't think there were any MS-70's until the Registry. There are a few sets of 70.

....Just when I had about given up on the top grades, I heard a squeak from NGC. It was my little PIG crying, I'm Perfect, I'm Perfect and I'm coing home. With an Oink Oink here and Oink Oink there and a Onik Oink everywhere, he cried I'm Perfect all the way home!




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