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re: Family Time



Time with the family, in a different way.

I've always loved coin collecting although my family didn't support the idea. My mother, grandmother, and siblings all view it as being interesting but ultimately a waste of time, effort, and most especially money. I finally said to hell with it all last year and started actively building a coin collection and I met with a lot of resistence from all sides save 1. The man who entered my life 3 years ago and who will likely soon be my step-father was also a coin collector until his divorce from his first wife. His entire collection somehow "disappeared." Our mutual love of art and coin collecting became the common ground on which we built our own friendship independent of his relationship with my mother (which spans 40 years off and on). I told him when I met him 3 years ago that at 18 y/o I wasn't willing to accept a father figure, but I was willing to accept him as a friend, mentor, and someone that made my mother happy. Now, we talk about coins almost daily. My family doesn't understand way I collect and his sons show no interest at all in coins, but we understand each other.



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