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Numismatic Displays



Along with the random silver trays of coins, I have also used numismatics to inspire some release of my limited artistic expression.

About 3 years ago I did an ink and watercolor drawing of a 1933 St Gauden's. If you look closely you can see quite a few little errors in the design but overall I think it turned out well since I usually use oils for the few paintings I've done.

Also when I was hunting for bear coins for my granddaughters Bear-themed custom set I came across these beautiful Arctic notes made in Norway. I bought 2 of each since the obverse and reverse of the notes each have such beautiful designs and framed them in a hand-made cheap frame I found.

The third one was an ugly, generic picture of a vase or fruit basket. I removed the print, added a dark background and simply Elmer glued a variety of interesting coins and tokens on the page as they would fit and cover as much of the space inside the mat as possible.

The final picture is of an old, antique mason jar from the 30's. I received the jar as a kid from my grandmother as a Christmas present full of homemade peanut brittle. The peanut brittle probably lasted less than a few days but the jar has somehow stayed in my possession, through dozens of moves and states, and now sits in my ( dusty) office with 100 Ike dollars inside. It may take another hundred to fill it completely but it is a nice display on my shelf.

I've always wanted to build a shadow box to try and display slabs for a 20 coin short set of some series, or maybe even a custom coin cabinet or glass display table, but usually these bursts of artistic inspiration are quite brief so I'll stick with my simple wall hangings and knickknack items.....
































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As you can probably tell, I do most of my collecting art through the lens of a camera. In the end we both enjoy our respective Numismatic artistic outlets and that's what makes the hobby that much more fun. The recent collage I did for my journal header is one example. In it I made the silver dollar a certain number of pixels in diameter. Then the rest of the coins I adjusted relative to the diameter of the dollar to represent the diameter of the other coins. The Dansco, which by the way I need to complete was adjusting the size of the coin in pixels to the diameter of the slot on the Dansco page. It's all a lot of fun ...and more importantly it doesn't cost you anything! For instance , drawing a 1933 St. Gaudens Double Eagle from a picture! Very nice! Didn't know you had it in you Jackson!

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