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Gotta Love the "Brown" Designation



I just added another MS64 Brown Indian Cent to my collection. This 1892 leaves me with just the 1890 and 1894 to complete my self-styled Indian Short Set 1890-1909. I'm wavering but I think I'll go ahead and expand it to the 1880's as well since most of that decade can be had at a reasonable price and there are no key date, expensive issues that will be needed.


If you wonder why I decided on brown instead of the (usually) more coveted red or RB coins--I just feel like the brown coins come in a wider variety of looks and include some beautifully toned items. Red coins are pretty much just red ( or shades of orange/red).

My latest addition......added to my Custom Set.





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My thoughts on brown exactly. I have fifty five large copper middle dates(and counting) and they are all brown. Nice 1892!

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And they're much more unique.....I've seen "Brown" designations that are gorgeous mixes of purple and blue...much prettier and more interesting than just simply red.  Nice pick up!

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Cheaper too... And eventually, they'll all be brown, though it may take a while. As a large cent collector, I think brown is much more attractive. So many "red" ones are ugly, with spots and fingerprints.

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The Indian you pictured is stunning. Just the right amount of luster to make it stand out. I filled a book before I knew what I was doing. I went for the bright flashy ones, and guess what? Most were dipped and polished so 80%  cannot be graded. Keep posting your coins as you acquire them.

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