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Nice Pick Ups for the Semi-keys



Well it seems I picked a great set to build a quick and easy album. Already I am down to just ten holes. I also finished page 4- the 1957 through 1964 silver Washington Quarters in BU at barely above melt costs for these coins.

Although I have a few scattered S mint dates of the 1930's and a smattering of 1940's, I found 2 quality examples for the series "key date" 1932-D & S coins. I was able to get the 32-S for under $120 plus a $12 discount for ebay bucks. The 32-D I got for exactly $100 but there were fees and shipping so it actually cost me more.

I may need to do a submission or two if I wish to finish a slabbed Jersey 1/12th shilling set as they just don't appear pre-graded too much. I already have most of the series raw so it is just a matter of mailing them out. I might as well get my granddaughter's bear-themed coins slabbed too as it is easier for her to handle them and peruse through them when they are in a slab box instead of dozens of individual mint-packed boxes and cases.

Happy hunting everyone, I hope there are some collectors still around here--the posts and camaraderie as at an all-time-low it seems.


PS: the 32-S is still in a slab as I haven't cracked it out and put it into it's slot in my album yet--these darn, newer NGC slabs don't crack very well.







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It will take a lot more to drive me away from the journals! Nice quarters you have there. I thought the 1932's were more valuable than they are. Maybe that's the MS coins of this date. At any rate I wouldn't mind owning coins like that in my collection. Good hunting and good luck on your upcoming submissions. I hope your granddaughter enjoys her bear coins! At her age she probably doesn't care what grades they are, only that grandpa lovingly gave them to her. :luhv:

All the best


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I started filling in a Washington quarter Dansco album complete in 2011 so I know the joys and aggravations of your collection. Some are as expensive as certified coins. I am still missing the two you just acquired. I turned my attention to a registry set so I will be able to upgrade and break the other one out for my raw set. Keep making Posts so I can watch your progress. I have a Granddaughter who I will leave them to and hope she cherishes them as I do. This is a 1950 s/d ms67. I was lucky to find it so I went to the Loan Sharks. In another couple of  years it will be paid for. Cat food does't taste that bad if it's cooked. I'm glad I live alone.



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Nice coin--and a little kibble tastes a lot better when you're looking at that  beauty with a loupe ;)

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An absolute beauty of a quarter!

Everyone keep up the good work and I hope you take pleasure in the hunt and spending quality time with your kids and grandkids with this great hobby of ours!

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