So... She actually wants input on this?



So here's kind of a funny thing from the other day.

I sent Shandy a message saying, "Hey, you care if I just go ahead and order these Italian sets?" and for me it's more, "do you care if I spend the money on this?"

She's okay with it but she wants to know if she can look at the pictures first to see if she thinks it's a good one - generic pictures though so we aren't going to be able to make a quality judgement on individual coins like that, so just go ahead and we'll see.

But after that I basically explained, most of these things that I find online that don't have generic pictures are pug-ugly or way over-priced. So I basically have three options right now: 1) Either buy more Franklin mint sets that have 1983s in them (and some other things that might be useful later like for a 50L set) or 2) buy more lots mixed date lots of 500 L coins from this one person I've ordered from and hope for good things - nice 1983 and 1986 and 1995 coins. The last time I ordered from this person we got the 1984 that just came back as an MS66. We also got a 1987 that was kinda "Meh." So we might get more good things. We might not. Option 3 is I just watch listings and wait.

She favored getting more lots of 500 Lire coins and seeing what we get. So that's what I did - we'll be getting 24 more 500 Lire to look through soon.

But, I just couldn't help but find it interesting that she is now sufficiently invested in this set that she wants input on purchasing decisions. 



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On 4/18/2022 at 4:45 PM, Fenntucky Mike said:

Sounds great. The coin budget just doubled. (thumbsu Pretty soon you'll be the one reigning her in. lol

In an unrelated move my coin budget was increased 50% recently. But she's been get away with a series of "one offs" beyond my budget for 6 months... so... lol no complaints.

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