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1971 Proof Lincoln Cent



I got my beef about turn around times but...

Someone please tell me how a 1971 proof 68 Ucam cent loses half the value over a couple of months? It was valued at $350 better than 6 months ago, and now it's only $156?? I was glad I won one off of Eba...ummm...an auction site for $75.00 thinking I would be ahead since you can usually get a "common" rare proof for less than half price listed. But for the price to drop in half? That means, I'd be LUCKY to get my money back if I were to list it. AND! With a common copper plated zinc cent costing more to make than a regular copper cent...I just don't understand it. You'd think that copper cents before 1982 would be on the RISE but NOOOOOOOOooo they are taking a turn I don't want to see.


And about turn around times. Yes, NGC is the best, and NGC grades hard, and NGC is the respected grading company, BUT, NGC has a BUNCH load of coins to grade, be it world coins, error coins, common coins, MS coins or whatever. It would be nice to think that ours were the only ones sent in, but the're not, and I understand that .....now. BUT! You don't tell some one that We can grade your coins in 12 days, and you'll pay for a 12 day service, but it will take us 20 days. If you took you car in to a mechanic and he said it would be ready in 30 mins, but he didn't finish it till 3 hours later, are you alright with that? BE HONEST! If a pizza place said 30 mins or it's free, and it took 3 hours to get to you, are you alright with that?? Would you just say, "Oh, you must of been busy, here's the money for the pizza". And whoever wrote "you better be glad you live in America...." What does that got to do with anything?

Thing is, IF you tell someone a time, or a time frame, it is expected that they will honor it....even if it is America.

With all that said, and ME personally, I send in some coins, and when I get them back, I get them back. BUT, don't tell me one thing and do another.



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