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A minor numismatic bucket item checked off the list

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While I don't have a must do or list of things that I feel are must do items for my numismatic journey, I have some goals for my collection.   One such goal has been to include an uber high grade classic coin to the collection.   This has never been a high priority or something that I felt I "had" to do just a want list item that I figured I would find someday that would not only fit this minor goal but be very nice upgrade to one set or the other.   I think that I always expected that would be a new coin for my Lincoln set, given that it is a very large, long set I guess that it seemed the most likely set to find one that was within financial reach.  There are tons of MS68 and MS69 graded modern Lincoln coins but the most available MS68 classic coins in that series are the steel cents and they still sell for right around 1K on average, doable but not really the coin that I was motivated to go after at those prices.

However recently on GC I saw an auction for a 1940-D Mercury dime in MS68FB, not only is this a great classic design coin but it was also a numerical upgrade for several sets.   So I did as usual and threw in a $20 bid to place the coin on my watchlist, I check recent auction results for this grade and figured that it would likely sell for more than I was prepared to go.   A couple of days before the end of the auction I checked on the status and was surprised to see the price still rather low.  Ok that does happen sometimes and then a flurry of action in the last hour pushes the prices up near or beyond average.   So I decided what I was willing to go, which was below the recent averages; and place my final bid fully expecting to be out bid in those last hours.   I checked my emails after the auction deadline and low and behold I had won for just under my high bid!

I thought that is great, and then the doubts start to creep in.   Why did I win for less that recent average sales; did I miss something that others saw?doh!   Did I just buy a dog coin, what did I just do!   Well nothing to do but wait for the package to arrive and see the coin in hand.   Fast forward to yesterday when the package came, I can now say that I very happy with my new coin, not a dog at least in my opinion.  I suspect that because this coin is blast white played some part in the lower than average selling price, had it been toned I expect it would have been much more expensive.  Also the lack of a CAC bean may have been a factor to some buyers at this grade level, not a deal breaker for me.

So there it is, a minor bucket list item checked off with what I find to be a very beautiful coin with one of the most attractive classic designs.  The only photos I have are the GC one's for now.

40td obv.jpg

40td rev.jpg

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Nice pickup Coinbuf!!! But I know your worries about getting a good deal.....you do worry about it.  I won a Faustina the Younger limes denarius (a weird base metal Roman denarius which there are several theories as to why it exists) for like $30 recently and that was a really good price for one.  Then, I too got scared.....I was like "Was I just that sucker who just bought a tourist coin?!  Man, I hope not!!".  Then, I got it and all was well!! I'd say you just had a lucky day and got a good deal...that does happen from time to time ;).  It's always good to cross something off the bucket list, even if it's a relatively minor something.  Enjoy your coin, it looks like a good one from here!!  I like Mercury Dimes...they're like the closest thing design and size-wise there is to a modern denarius, which makes them very cool in my humble opinion.

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I have a love for the mercs. Generally it seems blast white is preferred by the hard core collectors, and toned coins seem to actually go lower. Largely because it’s rare to see one with attractive toning. For some reason these tone ugly. Great find and if you second guess it too much I’ll give you your money back any time. This would be an upgrade for me. Congrats it’s a beauty. 

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Congrats on your purchase; that certainly is a magnificent specimen.

I'm still nipping at your heels, though...

Edit: just upgraded my '40-D Merc from an NGC MS67FB CAC to an NGC MS67* 

2nd Edit: just upgraded my 40-S Lincoln from an NGC MS67 CAC to an NGC MS67+; the census for this piece is 7/1.

3rd Edit: just upgraded my '40-D Washington quarter from an NGC MS66 to an NGC MS67; this one puts me over the top.


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