We may yet buy a house this month...



So we (finally) got an appraisal back on the house. It was supposed to be delivered Tuesday and we were assured it always comes in on or before the due date and... the appraiser missed due date... This ends a 3-week saga that led us to leave the lender we'd been planning to use for someone else local because they were not getting the appraisal scheduled, weren't interested in doing anything to move the process forward and we were in danger of missing our closing date over it.

We'd been all over everything, getting everything resolved as quickly as possible. The appraisal was the last thing we needed. If not for that we probably would have closed early... but that lender just wouldn't push to find someone and get it done. We were 3 weeks into the process and they didn’t have an appraisal scheduled, couldn’t tell us when they could get one scheduled, couldn’t promise us we would close on time and couldn’t give us the name of the person on the “escalation team” that we’d supposedly been escalated too. Interestingly - within hours of telling the unhelpful person that we were done with him and going somewhere else my wife and I were finally contacted by two other people in the company about the issue… too late!

Because we acted we'll still get to close on time - still a couple days early maybe I think, by some miracle. Somewhat in the “silver lining” category, this may also end up saving us a few hundred dollars by switching.

My submission of Traveller's Checks and Bearer checks have reached PMG - at least, they’re at the PO waiting for pick-up. I'm reasonably confident that those will come home before the move since PMG seems less swamped than NGC. But I think that will be the last submission to be set to come to this address.

I have picked out the Z coins I want to send in to NGC - a 12-14 coin submission that I think will bolster that set nicely, but more on that later hopefully - and I'm planning a new submission to PMG - which should include a P-3 note or two to close a final hole in my 1st dollar set and some gas ration coupons I want to add to my larger set. PMG seems to think they'll be willing to grade them, so, since I'll be sending them with the P-3s, I'll chance it. I think I'll set up the paperwork to have those shipped back to my in-laws address though.



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