Residue... Joy... But, forward with the Bond Coins! (... EDIT to add: Got my sale... maybe?)



Well, I got the notice from NGC/NCS today that they're recommending sending the 1975 Tobacco Dove coin to NCS to remove Residue... No idea how that happened unless it got on there from the OMP back in the day. (shrug) Anyway... I went ahead and told them to remove it and then try for a grade again. I suspect I'm going to end up regretting sending that in at all unless it comes back as a MS70 by some miracle.

I got the Zimbabwe Bond Coins opened up and into flips. This process was more interesting than I'd originally expected because I wasn't expecting them to be in then plastic pocketed sheets held together by staples, of all things. I'm excited about these though because they look shiny and clean and some of them look pretty darn good. I'll pick the 5 best - one of each denomination - and set those aside to send in once I get and pick through some 10-coin sets of the older coins.

I wanted them all in individual flips to give them a better look over.

The cost of submitting 15 modern coins is going to exceed the remaining balance of the grading credit I got so this will probably cost me about $50-60 + return shipping to do, but I think it will be nice and fun to have this and add this NGC-arm to my PMG Zimbabwe notes project.



Edited for "Here's the update that may be longer than the original entry."

Shortly after I posted this earlier I got an email that the seller I wanted to buy the other Zimbabwe coins from was running that 10% off sale - I knew I wouldn't be waiting long.

Except... when I went to order, it wasn't taking the coupon code. I tried live chatting with them and they couldn't resolve the issue immediately so I had to just log off and I'll try again later.

My plan at this point in time is to get the following:

3x 10 coin sets, which may contain examples of KM-1 to KM-15 - I would be really nice to get at least one of all from KM-1 to KM-15 but we'll see.

1x P-40 Zimbabwe 2nd Dollar Bearer Check

1x P-45 Zimbabwe 2nd Dollar Bearer Check

1x P-46 Zimbabwe 2nd Dollar Bearer Check

2x Different PMG graded world bank notes that feature turtles.

This will accomplish 3 things for me.

1) With the coins I think I'll be able to get a complete or nearly complete type set of Zimbabwean coins. Since I won't have enough of the Registry Award Grading credit left to cover grading 19 modern coins, I'm not going to submit any examples of the early dime design if I get them. I have an MS-65 example of that already so submitting that makes no sense to me.

2) Grading the 3 Bearer Checks will give me a 100% COMPLETE set of PMG graded 2nd dollar checks. That will feel really really good. I was literally going to make myself print the label and mall off the traveller's checks today, but since this came up I'm going to wait so I can ship them all there together, have them shipped back together, and hopefully save on some shipping charges.

3) Start buidling up the thematic turtle set that I wanted to build for Ben more - something he will probably never care about, but it sounds fun if it can be done on the cheap - these two PMG graded 66 EPQ notes will cost about $12 each, less than the cost of grading. I'm very okay with that for gem uncirc notes.




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