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Choosing flips instead of 2x2s



I have decided that I am going to use non-Pvc flips,with inserts, for some of my re-organization/first organization of my collection.  As I mentioned in my last journal, I have an eclectic, not too big assortment of world silver coins. The reason that I have these coins is that part of how I enjoy this hobby is by slowly perusing world silver junk bins. So I guess you could call these coins keepers, but for the most part not meant to be slabbed one day - whether for protection or investment.  I currently have about half of these coins in 2x2s and half loose.


For this part of my collection, as I move forward, I really want to be able to let others enjoy them as well (for instance, at a post-apocalypse family get together, that sort of thing) so I want them to be in the flips so I can take them out and let people (or myself) hold them.  


It's funny, if you were to do a verbatim search for  "coin forum flips vs 2x2"  I assume you would get a lot of hits. There are so many collectors, a lot new but many not new like myself, who still struggle with this type of decision.  I think it is important to keep in mind being able to best enjoy what we bought, not just look forward to buying more. For the record, I know that 2X2s are beloved by many, bemoaned by many, and that discussions about crimping your staples know no bounds. I want to be able to write information about each coin, so 2x2s made sense. But the inserts in the flips will do that job as well. Maybe two years ago I bought a small amount of flips with inserts, and I found that there are a few problems.The good ones that won't contaminate your coins have a propensity for eventually cracking, often where you fold them. But I have found that this can be mitigated. A lot of collectors hate flips for the possibility of scratches from going in or out, or from sharp edges after a crack. But I'll take my chances. And I like the idea of not being "tied" to whatever I wrote on a 2x2. With the inserts you can edit as desired or necessary. 


You can get flips in sizes other than 2x2.  I've had to dig a little but I was finally able to find some that are non-Pvc even over sized - meaning not those large flimsy ones you might have run across. This is important because I have a small amount of exonumia I plan to house this way as well. 


Updates will be forthcoming. 






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Because I dislike the whole stapling thing I have always used non-pvc flips because of stapling and all the other reasons you listed above. My opinion is you are making a good choice.

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Welcome to the dark side my friend.

I'm a Flip guy myself and they do have some drawbacks as you've stated but so do 2x2's. I prefer the 2.5 x 2.5 Flips, then storing them in 8.5L x 2.75W x 3T storage boxes. Biggest plus to me (besides protecting the coin) is the insert, I like to write as much down as possible and an insert allows me to have a more thorough/comprehensive description. 



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I converted to the non-PVC flip way of life a few years ago, and I have not looked back. I have found that the Saflip brand does the job well, and they also have 2 ½ flips for my larger pieces. Good quality flips can be expensive, but I enjoy seeing the entire coin and the far more generous space for note-taking on the inserts. Speaking of which, I have some work I need to do for a few of my newest additions! 

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I'm pretty much a flip guy mainly because of the 2X2 staples. Prying staples from 2X2's to move them into a cleaner holder with new writing area can be very risky. It only takes a slight slip of the hand to damage the coin inside, especially if it is a larger coin like a silver dollar because the margin for error is much less. 

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I appreciate the comments from you guys, and I am actually surprised but  happy to see this consensus opinion,  letting me know I made a good choice. 


It may seem a trivial matter, but it isn't. And the comments here did a great job of further explaining why that it so. 

Sometime in March I should have some picture updates. 

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