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3/27/20: The Good, The Bad, and the Fakes



my package arrived 1 day early, what i thought was an authentic 1861 $1 note, turned out to be what might be the worst counterfeit ever. it was smaller then modern bills, in full black and white, and just looked fake right away. but, the other bills still make the money. they are all (with Iraq as an exception) before 1990. the oldest being from 1920, the German notes. but the mystery note, its odd. seems to be Greek, but, at the same time, the letters on the note are in Latin.



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"When it seems too good to be true, it usually is." I'm glad that you came out ahead overall though.

But... No pictures? I feel cheated. 😆

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1 hour ago, Just Bob said:

Just post the other pictures in a reply.

Agreed. Granted, some of us are better at manipulating image files than others and some of us have access to better programs / tools than others, but I tend to find that you can get file sizes down to 100-500 Kb and still have them be more than high-res enough for web use, and at that size the 4 Mb limit is more than enough.

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Hey I've had that 2 dollar canadian note since I was a kid and went to Canada in 1988.  for some reason I kept it and still have it with some US $2 bills in a drawer in my old room at my parents' house

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