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We've all been there

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Naked Angel


I wanted to tell a story that we can all relate too that happened recently.  I had a rare instance where I wasn't paying attention and got caught flat footed, and now I probably paid a lot more than I should.  About two months ago the 2019 Antiqued silver Libertads were released, and they sold out without me even knowing about the release until it was too late.  So naturally I was kicking myself for not being on top of things, and after scouring the interwebs I couldn't find anything anywhere.  A few weeks later I was killing some time at work and saw the 1 oz version online, graded NGC MS 70.  The bank just happened to be right across the street so I sped over with the intention of seeing if I could afford it or not.  (It's my play money account so it's not overflowing with cash).  Well, I ended up ordering the coin in the parking lot before I ever went into the bank.  I know we can all identify with that right! Lol.  A little backstory as to the urgency...last year was the first year that Mexico made silver Libertads in an antique finish.  The 1 oz had a mintage of 40,000, which is by far the lowest mintage non-proof silver coin.  The 2 oz and 5 oz coins had a mintage of 2,000 each.  Well this year they threw us a serious curve ball.  The 2 oz and 5 oz coins had their mintage reduced to 1,000.  The real kicker is that the 1 oz went from 40,000 last year to 1,000 this year!  That's 2.5% of the mintage from last year.  I would say it's a true rarity in the Libertad series.  I ended up paying $170, likely way more than I should have if I had been paying attention from the start.  But to me it's well worth it, except for the fact that I have a lot less dry powder now! Haha. 


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Well, you're happy. It's for a series that's important to you. You can't really argue with that.

The one that gets me is, even when I really want something and think it's not a terrible price for it (just not something I can pay at that moment) I'll wait, and it'll sit there, and it won't sell. That gets me thinking: I was thinking this was reasonable before, but the fact that it has just sat there for 3-6 months without anyone else buying it has me wondering if that's really a good market price for the item. Then I'll start second-guessing myself and my willingness to pay that price.

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I got caught in a bidding war a time or two and really overpaid.   But it was something that I really wanted, So it was worth it to me.   I like it and it’s in my collection to stay.   Will never be replaced or upgraded.

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