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Bringing them all out.



My mother and step-father paid me a visit today to see me and Ben.

My step-father decided to bring out all of the birth year sets we've built and the Texas Commemorative set with them. This was prompted in part by the fact that I'd been getting the coins one or two boxes at a time to try to re-image some of the sets and get pictures of some of the coins I didn't have pictures of. In the process of this I found that it seemed like a few of the upgraded coins hadn't been inserted with their groups and we had some sorting problems. But this is probably the first time I've seen them all laid out on a table together in nearly 10 years - roughly 160 pieces - and that didn't include some other old random like coins that had been bumped from the set in favor of higher grade examples.

I really should have snapped a picture of it all laid out with my cell phone but I didn't. Kicking myself for that a little.

We found everything, swapped some coins out and sorted some down. Everything was there mostly but one 1993 quarter is inexplicably AWOL, probably hiding with some of the spares and the Susan B Anthony dollars that didn't get brought out. Hopefully he'll have no problem tracking that down when he gets home. I left a hole / slot open in that box to pop it in once he finds it. *fingers crossed*

Just for fun I trotted out the 10G set just to lay it out next to the 1932 set. Those two sets are quite a thing to behold together - 7 and 6 coins respectively and the prides of my collection and my stepfather's respectively. The 1932 is worth more as a collection of coins but the 10G set has a higher melt value, is older, and some of the coins are arguably quite a bit rarer.




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2 hours ago, Mk123 said:

would have loved to see some pics!!

Well, maybe one of these days they'll all come out to play again. :)

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