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Looks like I’ve won this one: It’s a family thing now

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My wife’s parents recently went on a trip to Europe - the Netherlands and parts of Italy / Rome. They asked about ideas of things to bring back for us / Ben. I linked them to the Penny Collector website and brought up the idea of bringing back some elongated cents for Ben’s penny book.

They got him a couple of pennies for his book.


I’m guessing they used Euro Cent coins for the press because they’re slightly larger than the ones we’ve been getting / making here and they just BARELY fit into the slots in the book. It was areal squeeze.


So, yeah… It’s a family thing now and I think that's going to stick.


I guess we'll see if I end up with a coin collector or an exonumia / elongated cent collector.

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They have a site here that tells you were every machine is in every state in the U.S. Some are the old fashion ones were I put my own cent in and pull the handle. The new ones you get what they program. There are many collectors of these and plenty of books to put them in. Enjoy them. They tell your family travels.

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