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A Slightly Amusing Coincidence:



It’s almost always a little funny when my wife takes notice of something in my collection that she’s never seen, noticed or paid attention to before. She’s never been especially aware of some of the things in my collection because I don’t talk about them much. Other things I talk about all the time and she probably wishes she could stop hearing about. But sometimes she’ll notice something and ask me if it’s new and I’ll just be like, “Nope. I’ve owned that longer than I’ve known you.” Anyway...

I have a pair of “silver” bars in my collection that I have to put quotes on the “silver” for because they aren’t really silver. They’re plated with a whopping 15 grains of fine silver. The rest is base metal. Buying these was one my earliest and dumbest moments as a collector. I got them because I thought the designs were neat - they deal with the horoscopes / star signs. I’ve never thought much about horoscopes or put stock in them, but these were fun to look at. So, I got them - while failing to read the fine print. I’ve kept these over the years as a reminder to be more careful and be more aware of what I’m buying /bidding on, what it actually is and not what I think it is.

There’s just the two of them, not a full set of twelve because I got these in hand, realized the mistake I’d made and didn’t get any more. The two I ended up with were Libra and Gemini. I’m a libra. It so happens that my wife is a Gemini.

I bought these nearly a decade before I even met her. My wife saw these and thought it was funny and made a joke about “maybe it was meant to be” and laughed at the joke because neither of us puts any stock in such things.

I’ll agree that it’s an odd coincidence, but not one I can find particularly amusing or gratifying. Something about linking one of my dumber collecting mistakes to my marriage just doesn’t fill me with warmth.

Side note but Ben is an Aries. Samuel would have been a Taurus if he was born on his original due date. He ended up being an Aquarius.



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