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This is exactly the feeling I missed...



Greetings Collectors,

   I missed the fellowship. All of you, and I are alike in many ways. Yet different. To explain, I’ll use surfing. The guys and girls I shared that hobby with and still do, are/is an entirely different atmosphere. You feel one way there and interact. At work you use another mode of interaction with those you grow close to. Your doctor etc...

Here, this is, and always has had, that other air about it. I know I didn’t say that right, as it’s kinda hard to describe unless you are a fellow surfer, or here, a fellow numismatic. It’s a certain feeling I’ve ALWAYS had when it came to coin collecting. And by saying fellowship, I’m talking of course both the sexes.

I think what it boils down to, is an OPPOSITE of what was said in the old movie Cool Hand Luke. Where it was said, “what we have here is failure to communicate” “some people you just can’t reach”?

Here however we all have a unique inner gift to be able to share things numismaticly (?) and closely, yet at a comfortable distance. Yet that closeness and that fellowship trumps everything! It’s a hobby, Love, passion, adrenaline, and almost euphoric rush that kinda never ends. The excitement degree does have some manic episodes. All perfectly (Maybe not perfectly) timed in ones own eyes, at that particular time. And all for pretty good reasons. (?)

Anyway, I love this particular spot on my journey down this path called life. All the best to all of you and thank you to all my friends who have reached out! Wow. And a special thanks to those I don’t well. Yet.  Thank you reaching out. I want to take time over the next few weeks to study and look at what interests all of you. I love it all. I have for many years. So I’m sure I’ll be copasetic with 110% of it.

thanks again to all.

Happy Collecting of that which YOU like.

the pic either above or below?? Is an under graded ten in an older holder by an adversary. Lol. It’s one I can only share a heads or tails. Love both. Yet the obverse is what usually rules...





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