When did the Philadelphia Mint first identify itself on a coin?

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It all depends on how you ask the question…

  1. What year did a P mint mark first appear on a U.S. coin struck for circulation? --- 1942
  2. What year did a P mint mark first appear on a coin struck for circulation? ---------- 1941
  3. What year was the Philadelphia mint first identified on a circulating coin? ---------- 1895

I submitted 43 coins to NGC at the World’s Fair of Money in Philadelphia this year.  The majority were raw coins for grading, but some were regrades, some for attribution, and one for conservation, regrading and attribution.  I finally got them all back in October and they allowed me to complete three sets that I have been working on for the past 15 years.  Two of these sets apply to the phrasing in question 2 above, and the third set to question number 3.  Taken together, they contain ALL of the15 coins struck before 1942 that explicitly identify the Philadelphia mint as their source.

The sets listed below each have fairly extensive set descriptions as well as photos and descriptions for each coin in the set.

  • Competitive Set: Curaçao/Suriname - contains 14 coins struck by U.S. Mints, two of which are dated 1941 with a P mint mark. (The set isn’t technically complete, but it is for my purposes.)
  • Custom Set: Netherlands East Indies - Minted by the U.S. Mint - contains 20 coins struck by U.S. Mints, two of which are dated 1941 with a P mint mark.
  • Custom Set: Ecuadorian Coins Struck by Mints in the United States - contains 34 coins struck by mints in the United States, 11 of which were struck between 1895 and 1934 that identify the Philadelphia mint by name or abbreviation. PHILADELPHIA is fully spelled out on the reverse of the 1895, 1914, and 1916 Dos Decimos de Sucre.

I will continue to upgrade these sets as time and money permit, but for now I have at least one good NGC graded example for each of these coins.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all vying registry awards.

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I have always enjoyed reading what little material is out there on the subject of U.S. Mint Coins struck for other countries...That said, I enjoyed reading your informative post and I salute you on achievement!!! A Grand progress and very interesting....Eleven Ecuadorian Coins...looks like we were striking them Early on (Late 1800's) I will look into that more and view more of what you have....Once again Thank You for Sharing, I am impressed....Cool answers to those questions you posted....Good Luck and Congrats!!! SALUTE!!!

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The following was copied and pasted from your NGC info, from link in your Post....5C 1917 ECUADOR STRUCK ON 2 1/2 CENTAVO PLANCHET (2.5g) KM-60.2/KM-61

wow! That is a very cool error to me, interesting and I never knew that existed...I will check my collection on that but I am pretty sure I do not hold that error....Learning as we go.....Take Care....P.S. you can see on the coin where something was wrong, definitely on the wrong planchet...How did you come across that, I'm just curious? Sometimes the story that goes along with it can be just as interesting, even if it was just a quick purchase or a Long drawn out and finally came across it situation? 

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