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Looks like I'm going to be looking to buy some MS70 gold soon.



My wife and I found out a couple of weeks ago that we're expecting our second child in the middle of next year. Most people don't know yet but we'll get around to that when we're further along in the process and we know a little more. We won't have the first doctor's appointment for another 3 weeks.

When my son was born I picked up a quarter oz gold American Eagle in MS70 for his birth year. I'll be looking to do that again with the new baby.  I'm also hoping I might be able to talk my wife into letting me pick up the 1/10 oz Eagles for 2016 and 2019 and maybe grab the Silvers in MS 70 as well. I haven't kept up with the Silver Eagles like I'd like the last few years between paying my way through grad school and being unemployed for over a year for a while there but I'd like to get back into them at some point.

At some point, I'm also going to be looking into the 1986 gold eagles in MS69. That was the first year of issue and happens to be the birthyear for my wife and myself and that just makes all of this the perfect group of coins for what I want to do here with the birth years.

One of these days 1920 and 1924 $20 gold pieces will also be on the radar for the birth years of my grand parents. I lost my grandmother in 2016 a couple of weeks before Harvey hit and I'd like to get those for their years. No idea what I'd do in a similar vein for my parents in 1955/56 since the US wasn't really messing with gold in that period. I have zero clue when the budget will let me get away with those double eagles but I'm hopeful that I'll get a good bonus in early 2019 a little before the birth that'll let me get some of the other birth year pieces I want. I'll just have to wait and see what the situation is at the time.

I'm not really up to anything else collecting-wise at the moment other than building some sets of the Queen's Beast coins.



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I am not surprised by this post and your desire to have gold coins mark significant events in the history of your family. You have always impressed me as someone who has your priorities in the right place. Relationships and family are infinitely more important than collecting coins. Congratulations on the soon coming arrival of another baby to your family! I have no doubt that you are a very good father.

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6 hours ago, gherrmann44 said:

Congratulations on the soon coming arrival of another baby to your family! I have no doubt that you are a very good father.

Thanks! I bluff my way through it in a reasonably convincing manner most days.

I was happy enough to have enough savings / emergency money that I never had to sell anything during some of the hard times we've been through. I have little tolerance for spending money that isn't there to be spent or taking on debt for non-essentials and coin collecting certainly fits that definition. I'm hoping to retire at least my student debts in the next 6-12 months and then start taking more of a stab at my wife's.

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I can relate to your feelings...as a coin collector I wanted my Daughter's Birth Year to be Amazing and Special with regards to Numismatics...I have purchased a massive amount of errors and Die Varieties and snagged everything from the U.S. Mint I could...I've really put together one hell of a collection for her birth year and in a way kinda justified my purchases in this Endeavor...I'm in thousands upon thousands of Dollars with it and it literally has become one of my greatest achievements..just in Nebraska quarter varieties I'm 140 ish different ones now...just the Precious Metal Coins alone was insanity on the cost alone...it is a great, unselfish thing your doing...I commend you and Salute!!

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