My Procrastination Has Left Me Swamped



It may be time to show some discipline and get things in order.

I am not a procrastinator by nature. I am usually the polar opposite. In fact, if I am being honest in my self assessment, I am a bit compulsive with my desire for order in a universe ruled by the ceaseless tides of entropy.

For example, if a bill arrives in the mail I will almost immediately pay it, write the date and amount on the invoice and then file it in the appropriate folder. I am never satisfied to rinse a plate and leave it in the sink when the dishwasher is but a few feet away. Of course I could never imagine folding all of my laundry and just piling it on top of the dresser like my kids most often did.

My dad taught me a few invaluable lessons in the few years I had before he passed. One was that if you were going to do something, then do it right or to the best of your ability. Another was that if you start something, then you finish it. I guess this is where my need for orderliness comes from.

I seem to have lost my way with my coin "collection." For the most part I buy either graded coins that fill registry slots, some sets from the mint when I need 2 or 3 for different sets ( or when it's more financially sound to buy a 6 coin silver set for a few bucks more than the single coin) or single coins for custom sets or to send in for grading.

It is this last part that has gotten WAY behind. Either out of sight/ out of mind is in effect or I am a closet hoarder ( just with really small objects like coins so I can still walk through my house)- whichever it is, it is time for some discipline to be exercised.

I keep buying more coins for sets, not getting them graded and then looking for more coins. Then the funds for all of the grading becomes too daunting so I procrastinate more...a bad cycle to be stuck in for and orderly collector.

Just looking into 2 coin cases that I acquired to protect raw coins until grading, I was surprised myself to see that I had pretty much filled up all of the various drawers with mint sets, proof sets, silver issues, themed coins and on and on--I really had no idea of the amount.

So as I share this photo with you-and it is just PART of the raw coins I have set aside to be encapsulated, it is not to show off in any way, but instead to confess openly of my "acquisition issues."

After all, admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, right?

PS: the first 15 have been decided--the final Bahamian 50c to complete that set, the final 4 Bahamian $2 coins with the flamingo at sunset, the Canada "alloy" silver coins from the 2014 and 2016 proof sets of 10c and $2 coins which will complete/update both of those 100% and the final 6 coins will be Bear themed coins for the granddaughter's bear coins collection. This is a step in the right direction to re-establishing order in my collecting I believe.

PPS: thanks Dena




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