First "Set" coin of the New Year



finally filled a registry slot

I just added a nice little 1893 Indian Cent to my 1890-1909 Indian Short Set. It's not exactly an eye popper but it is an attractive coin with an aged look, very clear of any ticks, nicks or dings, and retains quite a bit of underlying orangish/red luster for a "brown" designation.

It may actually be close to an MS65 RB so I'm pleased to find it in the MS64BN that my set parameters entail ( surely a 65 for its freeness of hits alone.)

I added a photo that I won't use in the set images but was instead experimenting with pictures of different light--this one being a photo taken with the coin on my windowsill. I like the clarity the unaltered sunlight provides for detail however it does tend to wash-out the richness of the aging, coppery tones.

With the addition of this 1893, that leaves me with the 1890, 1892 and 1894 to finish this mini set. I'm resigned to just plodding along until I find each in an NGC slab and with the 64BN criteria.

I think I'll post another journal in a day or two since it has been slow on the boards and journals. I will write a journal entry of my pre-submission selections. I'm only going to send the 15 coins that I can list on one submission form for now ( hint to NGC, if the forms had 25 slots per entry page/form, I'd be sending 25 coins instead.) I'm not sure which ones will get the nod for encapsulation, but I'm leaning toward finishing my Bahamian coin sets 100%. ( I've had the coins needed to fill the slots for quite a while but they keep getting pushed back.)

Until next time, Happy Hunting and may the coins that grab your eye be in NGC slabs!




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