Why the comments were removed



Was this done to damped the dissatisfaction with NGCs recent changes?

It occurs to me that one reason that the "comments" option was removed was to dampen/minimize the voice of those of us who are unhappy with the changes that NGC has made recently. Most significantly the decision to no longer allow PCGS coins on the NGC registry. This was obviously a business decision made at the top level of NGC. Presumably the thought is that people will start crossing there coins over to NGC to continue with this registry.

It is my opinion that this was clearly true for the world coins. However, NGC was clearly superior to PCGS in grading world coins. That is not the case with US coins. The reality is whether we like it or not, US coins in PCGS holders statistically bring in more money for the same grade at auction.

Because NGC included both their coins and PCGS, I viewed NGC as the better of the 2 registries. In my opinion it showed that NGC was more committed to the collector than just the bottom line profit. As a result I would submit coins to be graded preferentially by NGC. I loved the Versatility of the NGC Registry, But no more.

I have met and interacted directly with the top person at both NGC and PCGS. I found Mark S. Of NGC to be thoughtful, considerate and insightful. He struck me as a collector, who understands collectors, and was consistently trying to do the right thing. On the other hand, David H. seemed to be arrogant, condescending and made it clear during the Meet the Expert that his time was more valuable than any of the people that he was meeting. In one instance while he was conducting a Meet the Expert session he was spending more time talking to John Dannreuther (a really nice man) about where to put in Coin Facts than he did to the people waiting and line. The title of one of his first books, in my opinion, is the best illustration of his approach to us lowly collectors... The Mercenarys Guide to the Rare Coin Market c1987. I just expected more from NGC, Oh Well.




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