This place needs to liven up a little!!

Six Mile Rick


Where did all the new coin pics go?


O-K so we went through some dramatic changes in the club. We still purchase coins no matter, so where are all the new additions? It's time for everybody to get back to collecting coins around here.

The day started off good with work and my wife and grown kids were going to a movie ( The Shack ) and lunch. Well it all blew up somewhere when someone was worried about me and my will.

That must have been one heck of a movie!! It tore the whole family apart. So here I am sitting here bored with nothing to read in these past journal posts but more complaints again with the exception of RMW collection posts. His posts are interesting but is he the only collector left??? I like good ole U.S. coins and not familiar with the world sets so I don't get the thrill he does on foreign coins. Still I do appreciate his passion.

A busy time in the year for me so I have not had time to take any new pics. I enjoy the Roosevelt dimes and Jefferson nickles. Here is a sweet toned nickel I sent in from a Jefferson commemorative set.





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