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Agreed; We need reply option on Recent Journals!



The number of replies gives a barometer of the value of the journal post.

I too was saddened by the removal of the reply option on the Recent Journals section that were posted on the left side of the registry screen. I would gauge the quality of one of my posts based on the number of replies it received. I don't want to go searching through the chat rooms nor will I. I really enjoyed some of the posts, especially those with pictures, There on the left of my registry Control Panel screen each day. Now that I cannot reply I find that I don't pay as much attention to the posts, because why should I? No it is not just about what I have to say. I really enjoyed the back-and-forth discussions that were frequently engendered by an excellent post. It gave collectors the chance to interact with some of the finest Numismatic researchers of our day (i.e. RWD: Roger W. Burdette).

PCGS is gone. Fine, that was a business decision, but I did you have to cheapen the Recent Journals section. Is it to save money? If not as one user I will say that the change has made the Recent Journals section worse, less than it was, not as good as it had been and for what I ask?

Please put it back. Otherwise is just one more reason not to mess with the whole registry game on NGC.



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