A good start for 2017

Six Mile Rick


Adjusting to new rules.


Well, The new year started with adjustments made to fit in sorta speak. A few posts started on no more PCGS coins have been adding up of which I don't get into as I don't do much accusations with not knowing the full truth behind the smoke screen. The posts read like women in a salon talking about yesterdays dramatic soap opera. lol

So with that said I have sent all my sales and trade set PCGS coins off to new collectors that do not build sets here in the club. That leaves my extra sets and coins all NGC for trades and such within the club.

My latest state quarter submission has made it to NGC and will be graded in a week or two. I hope to get a few more top pops to add to Pinnacle Collection again. I had a great time last year helping him get his set to the top of the sets category. My state quarter set and VanPhillips set are still holding MS66 state quarters where we would like to have MS67's. Those are some coins that were submitted as well. 2008 dates seem to be the toughest rolls to find with good strike appearance and luster. Soon to send in a few nice torches to add to the dimes along with some other series sets I have been saving up.

Well everyone, enjoy the 2017 year in NGC Collectors Society and I hope to read many posts from all of you through the year.

Rick --- (Rick's Keepers)


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