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Just looking for some input.



After all, the whole reason for this is to show off ones collection.

Been here for a few years now. The few that know of me might remember some of my custom sets. But I made the mistake of selling everything and now I'm starting all over. I'm not really feeling the "competitive" side of it all anymore. So I started a new custom set.

I am about half way into it. But after looking at it, I find it a little cluttered. Which brings me to the reason for this letter.

I was wondering if some of you fellow collectors out there would have any input on what way would be most interesting way to do a custom set. Like I said, after all, we are all on here to proudly present our collections in the way that is most interesting.

Sooooooooo, right now I have one large set that includes all my bird coins. But I was wondering if it would be better to break it up into smaller sets, such as:

Birds from each country (i.e.)

Bird coins of New Zealand

Bird coins of Canada

And so on


Sets of each species (i.e.)

Duck coins of the World

Kingfisher coins of the World

And so on

Every different idea has its pros and cons. But maybe one way would be more appealing than the others.

I get to look at my coins every day, so I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on what would be cool when they look at them.

Sorry if this is just one giant run-on sentence.

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