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The trouble with ICG is ...



... its lack of transparency to collectors. The same can be said of ANACS.

Both ICG and ANACS are good TPGs but they need to work on their relationship with collectors in order to garner any respect. I for one have been very disillusioned with ICG as I had lamented in my last post "To cross or not to cross..." ICG needs work on its web site, make it more interactive and informative to collectors. And most importantly, make available a population report, coin certification lookup, etc., to collectors. Some have alleged overgrading on the part of ICG, especially when it comes to modern proofs, but with so many NGC (and even PCGS) proof 70s flooding eBay, I doubt ICG is at fault. But if ICG has nothing to hide, why does it not publish its population report? No matter what I believe, that would be an average collector's attitude when it comes to buying coins sight unseen. So until ICG invests in its web site and makes available a database of pop report and certification lookup services to collectors (registry sets would be even better), its coins will be relegated to fixed priced sales in eBay auctions and overpriced late night telivision offerings. Because as of now, it remains dealer friendly, but not collector friendly. Perhaps they forget where their real bread and butter comes from. That's my two cents.




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