National Parks Quarters

Six Mile Rick


Latest Venture --- over 100 count coin submission!!


With the Statehood quarters I found being all submitted I decided to move on with the Parks. This submission will have many "S" mint business strikes for set builders that are needing them. I got some great rolls from wdrob and others a couple years ago but didn't have the funds to submit them. 2 weeks at NGC and still at RECIEVED level I do expect the BULK submission to show the grades soon.

This will be an exciting new set addition as I only have 2 business strikes in the set now. Never really started the set due to having so many raw coins to submit. The Parks set will contain more coins than the Statehoods when it is completed in 2020 or so.

I am not sure which coins will be next for the NGC submission tour this year but I am sure having a great time with all the submissions sent in so far!!

Happy Coin Collecting


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