50,000 State Quarters

Six Mile Rick


Far more than I even imagined!!!


It has been a while since my last submission. A few years ago I decided to build a modern set of State Quarters. Grabbing a large group of rolls I started the simple search to find MS67 coins in fresh mint rolls. I had been watching RollingCoins come up with so many whoppers for sale that I thought why not give it a try.

My first submission was a tough lesson on the series with MS64 to MS66 grades with a couple MS67's. Good study on overall strike and luster headed the second submission in a better grouping. My largest mistake was submitting coins I needed for empty slots instead of MS67 or better. The second submission had more MS67's than the first but now I was pulling PL's for grading. That was in 2014 and I was very happy to add the submission when it arrived home. In 2015 I spent my extra cash on sets that were already graded in the Lincoln series. I also purchased more state quarter rolls at the time to search for more additions to add in my grading box.

Finally in February I decided to get my membership updated so I could submit the stash of state quarters I had spent days on end searching for. I would say that overall I have searched 10 rolls for each mint mark in the set. Some date and mint mark have yet to even show a promise of MS66 or better. I sent in 86 quarters for this submission and will still have 8 coins needed after looking at over 50,000 different fresh minted coins in rolls.

I never knew how much was involved in finding the perfect coins that some of these type guys send in. I commend them all for the time they spend finding the great additions they offer us to add to our sets. The submission I sent in should be completed early next week and will be the grand finally ending of a larger than I imagined search.

Happy Coin Collecting,



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