The end of 2015 as we know it

Six Mile Rick


Getting ready for 2016


As for the usual every Jan. 1'st I do a order from Wizard Coin Supply to get more coin flips for submissions that are on the back burner. With each January poly-flip order I usually get a Intercept Shield coin album. This order today was 500 flips and a Franklin album. I probably have a dozen or so ungraded Franklins here and figured it would be a fun album to fill. Was looking for a Modern Commemorative album but they weren't available in Intercept Shield yet. Dansco had them but I want my raw library albums to match up.

Hopefully I will have the funds this new year to submit many sets. I usually run across enough great sales that the submission funds are depleted.

Well have a great 2016 everyone and if you have a couple nice raw Frankies ----- Let Me Know!!

I will be glad to get 150+ dimes finally into NGC for submission next month. Almost 7 years of searching and saving.

Happy Coin Collecting



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