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50th Quarter in the ATB set



Is it Colorado?

When the Mint and the Parks Department promise to give each school child a "new" coin for attending, it was supposed to be the Battle of Saratoga quarter. The plastic capsules o one little girl contained a Colorado Statehood quarter. A few dealers said it was the worst introduction they had ever been to. Everyone had to drive to the local Post Office for stamping. Another inconvenience. I believe someone should make good on the promise of the new "50th" coin. The Mint is definitely making collecting coins a dubious and expensive hobby for young people. My sets will stop also if the reverse proofs of the Presidents and Sacagawea are not put into another category. The Silver Eagle set was changed and coins we had to have for the set are now edited out. I am losing my interest in collecting under these circumstances. I wanted to leave complete sets to grandchildren. The Mint has nothing better to do than change the last few coins in a set that are almost impossible to find. No wonder my son turned up his nose at collecting.

Have a Happy Easter

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