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WHAT A RUSH >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Newport Numismatic Guild


I've reached the top of the Mount and the view from here is just great!

What a rush a got when I had in my hand the final piece of the six coin 1991 Mount Rushmore comemmorative collection. The coin, the 1991-D 50c piece, NGC graded and certified 'MS 70' Cert # 1956749-003). I noted in my previous journal entry that I've been searching a very long time for this 'jewel' to complete the series. I now own the entire set all graded either MS 70 / PF 70 UCAM. Do I sould like I'm glowing with utter satisfaction?..... well to be honest I guess I am :) The reason being is that I felt that I would never find, let alone actually own, that elusive 50c in either NGC or PCGS (not my first choice, my other 5 coins in the set are all NGC's) in MS 70 as there are only around 18 of them in the entire NGC/PCGS combined universe. The outlook for getting a very 'hot' comemmorative 'key' coin with such a small quantity bearing the certified as perfect 70 grade was bleak. Then like Moses on his Mount, the skies opened for me upon my Mount and from those opened skies the opportunity to own the very coin I'd so dearly wanted fell to me. Did I seize the opportunity you may ask yourself. The answer being: you bet I did! I've been putting off uploading images of my collection mostly because I'm somewhat lax about getting things like that done. However, being so excited about completing the Mt. Rushmore that I shall upload these images first. I wish to thank my fellow members who were so kind in emailing me with the many friendly comments and suggestions.



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