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Cracked Out a Coin From Holder and Stuck in Album



Am I the only crazy person I wonder who would crack out a $300 coin to fill an album hole?

For a while now I have slowly been working on a nice VF-BU Buffalo nickel album.Many of these coins were throw-ins in big trades, bulk purchases, or found at flea markets or part of a larger estate buy where the focus was on some other coins.However, as I have gotten closer to plugging all the holes in my little green fold-up I have actually started pursuing the last 8-10 more elusive coins. Having gotten down to the last 4-5 I have had to resort to more drastic measures..cracking out coins from their encapsulation from the "big three" grading companies and sticking them in this $5 album...seems backwards.It's one thing to do it with a VF20 1918-S I bought for $80...but when I cracked out a $300 1921-S I have to question. Oh well, the deed is done and wonder of wonders..it looks very nice in its pre-arranged little spot staring up at me with all of its brothers...now for the 13-S and a 14-D to finish this madness....



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