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The Hobby We All Love...Follow-Up With Input by 2 Others You All Know...



A couple emails received from our fellow collectors, that I'm sure you will gain way more than a little from reading them...

Enjoy!Greetings Fellow Collectors,My last couple journals seemed to have exposed company in my mindset, and in my feelings I shared with you all. And to share just a couple emails I have received:The first is from a collector I've known and respected for years. His name is Gary and you will see his user ID below. Most if not all of you know him. But in the case you do not, it would pay to get to know him and check out his many very fine sets. All of us can imagine the work that has gone into Gary's sets. And i can only guess the reasons/excuses/justifications he has had to use with his wonderful wife, who from what i can surmise, has been an ardent supporter rather than a hinder toward the hobby he shows that he loves so much. I'm proud to say that Gary, his faith in God and his vast knowledge has had a most positive effect on me and the way I think about others, not to mention just coins & coin collecting. Thank God for friends like that.The second contact actually contains two emails from Robert, who I can now say I feel him to be a close friend. And aside from being a friend, just like Gary above, this gentleman has amassed a collection of cents that rival any major collector from years gone by. I will say I spent over an hour looking at cents from the 1700's to present day cents. In fact you that do not know Robert, should get to know him. Per his email & his sets here, he owns an example of every cent from every year minted. The most amazing collection of copper I have ever seen, to put it lightly. And that is over my entire life in coins.You all that are not aware of my good friend Gary, and his sets, and the massive collection of copper and gold put together by Robert is a sight to behold litterally. Both men are examples of what we all enjoy & hold so dear here. And while as you will read below, Robert no longer has the issue of hiding purchases or giving reasons why he procured this coin or that, because sadly, he lost his best friend and lifelong mate a few years back. I can only imagine how hard that would be to NOT have someone so dear to share & to explain coin purchases to. Please get to know both of these collectors if you don't already. You'll be the better for it. That I promise. So here are the notes received that I was given permission to use in this post. I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed them, and also take the time to look at these two fine Numismitists coin sets. You're in for quite a treat. And that is a severe under-statement.As always I stress to you, have fun with your coins, regardless what you collect!Happy Collecting,WKF Hello W.K.F.,gherrmann44, a Collectors Society Member, used our contact form to send you the following message:Hi Kerry,All these excuses are all too familiar but in the end our justifications are good ones. These are my most frequently used justifications.(1)If I am ever out of a job we could live on my coins for a very long time.(2)Our pastor says that after tithing and before paying our bills, we should pay ourselves and I choose to pay myself with coins.(3)I have a 401k for retirement and my coins are more fun to track than the 401k and they diversify Good coins tend to hold their value. (Scarce coins and scarce grades).Well that's about it and like I said I can identify with all these excuses... ahh, I mean reasons to buy more coins!All the best!GaryHello W.K.F.,Robert Baker Trust, a Collectors Society Member, used our contact form to send you the following message:W.K.F. - I always make it a point to read your journals but I have to admit that this is without any doubt the best of the best.I couldn't agree with you more even though my wife passed away 5 years ago and I no longer have anyone to justify my coin purchases to. I only wish that I did.Keep up with your journals.Robert BakerHello W.K.F.,Robert Baker Trust, a Collectors Society Member, used our contact form to send you the following message:Kerry - Thank you for your very nice note. Feel free to use my comments in whichever way you feel best applies to your subject matter at that time.I am not really very knowledgeable about coin collecting in general and only got into the subject when I first inherited some miscellaneous coins and decided to use this as an investment tool for my granddaughters' education. The one passion I did develop was the idea of owning a penny from every year minted and am proud to say that I have achieved that goal and more. Sad to say that many of the Large Cents are graded as detailed graded coins for a variety of reasons, but this was the only way I could ever have achieved this collection. I know you are not in favor of this type of coin, but if you look at my other sets, you will find that they all consist of coins all graded mint state, with only one exception.The real enjoyment of my coin collection is in reading journals such as yours and several other very knowledgeable society members. Keep up the good work.Robert Baker TrustOne last thing is that Robert has worked long and hard enough to have amassed a collection that is number one in many of his sets, but overall Robert is well within the top ten of every collector listed here at the Collectors Society. If my memory serves me correct, I believe he is ranked #5 of many thousands of collectors here at the Collectors Society. Quite a feat in its own right indeed. But not to have Robert get most of the press here, Gary is a long time collector, worthy of standing next to anyone here. And both of these fellow collectors I feel honored to be even in the same room with. And more than honored to call both friends. Along with many of you others I know here.All the best to each and every collector here at this great organization, that we all belong to, and love so very much. May God bless you and yours for many years to come.Sincerely,WKF



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