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Hobbies & The Justification We Use To Continue Them...



The stories and the tales used to continue doing what we do...Here are a few good arguments for those of you who play a lawyer on TV. lol

Greetings Collectoors,

Marcus aka Texans Coins hit the nail right on the head. And thank you Marcus for your kind words & your journals also.

Wow did it bring back memories of my statements when caught or the rush to beat the wife to the mail kiosk to name a couple things. I'm sure that there are many who have had an appetite in the procurement of coins like I have had long ago in the past. But I always have made it a point to never come out and outright lie. But my justifications have been many to ward off an argument as my mindset was that I was not only buying a coin for me, but for the family as well. And not having any other habits or vices that dipped into the family financial coffers, this fact alone was a major reason that I felt that what I was doing was nothing but right.

I have had friends and still do that spend as much on their golf game, green fees, cart fees, club fees, balls in the water and lost in the rough. The newest Big Bertha & putters etc. and that's every week, every month. And I'm sure that along with other things cost way more every month than I have ever spent on the purchase of coins in many months during the old days. Also living in Florida, my friends with boats that love to fish, spend way more on their boats, ins. and bait, gear and gas than I again, spend on numismatist activity. My hunter friends with their massive gun safes, numerous guns, ammo, hunting cabins and hunt clubs, also spend way more to hear them talk than I do. And any money made from the above is maybe $100 on a Saturday morning foursome from those that gamble that they can chase that little white ball around at least 18 holes, with less strokes than their partners, each and every Saturday of the year, weather permitting. The hunters and the fisherman pay more for an ounce of fish or an ounce of venison than I spend on an ounce of silver several times over after all they spend regularly. And thats not even counting the alcohol. And boy could I tell you all some tales about the justification they all have to come up with to their spouses as to why they can't afford to take the vacation they had planned many months ago. Or moma can't spend the regular $250 on groceries this week, like she needs to do.

I have always worked real hard and have always saved every cent. I don't hit drive thru's for burgers during the day or stop off at the bar after work because I don't drink at all. Not that I ever had a problem with alcohol. I just got very very drunk camping out with some friends at age 15 and the sickness I endured caused me to dislike drinking from that weekend on. Now I will have a glass of wine at Christmas or another special occasion, but none of my three children have ever seen dad have alcohol touch his lips. And this was done or I should say not done, just to be a good example to my kids.

I have owned a couple boats over the years but since the letters BOAT means break out another thousand, I've always been lucky to get a little more money back on each boat than I altogether had in them except one. And that was a very small loss. And then the money was used for seeing that my kids have always had a good Christmas and nice vacations. Very little if any was spent on me.

But guess where all the money went that I made on boats and all the money saved not drinking or gambling or other addictions???. The vast majority has gone to my kids. Many times years ago when I have been caught by the wife and having her say something like, Honey, that's the third coin you've bought this month. Don't you think you ought to tone it down a bit? And I would always agree & say OK. But there have been times that somewhat heated discussions happened and like my lawyer daughter, I would argue my case, that if needed, I would always say, I could always sell a couple coins honey. But the wife would counter, & say, But you never do. (sell one, that is) But without her knowing, I've sold a great many to see that my family has always had what they needed. What remains is a mere shadow of what once was. During a divorce, a wife can get very greedy, regardless of how that affects the ex spouse. I'll tell ya, a marriage costs way more than a ring, and before the kids are grown, all a father has left is his kids. But you know, the three I was blessed to have, are well worth the sacrifice, regardless of what that sacrifice is.

She and I have both known that I have what many would call an addiction with a mere hobby. But like I, and sometimes the wife will say, There are much worse addictions one can have. So that coupled with the fact we've never had our power disconnected, or gone hungry. And the kids have always had what they needed and many of what they wanted in the clothing dept. and the bottom line is I never charge anything. I have been tempted, but knock on wood, we are still debt free.

So while I do get a little static. All in all, my family knows I will always take care of the important things first. But. After that, look out all coin sellers. I have been this way for many years in the past and for but a short period when our economic future was in question, I tried and worked very hard to always tell the truth and do the right thing in all that I was able to do.. The wife having stayed home with the kids as they were growing up, has started working part time which gives her additional funds to go with the allowance I've always given her to buy certain things she's somewhat addicted to. Which is mainly clothes and Coach purses & highlights for her hair. Damn those purses cost as much as some gold coins. And while they hold their value a little, she'll never make money on any but maybe a few bought on eBay. So there again, my spending use to make way more sense. I'm really kinda glad she had that addiction, as that gave me ammunition in any little spat.

So all of you addicts out there, keep this coin addiction going just as long as the family doesn't go hungry because of it. And harp on the fact to the other half that what you are doing is greatly helping the family and probably insuring that your future will be all the better because of it.

Of course I'm still trying to figure out a way I can take at least a few of my coins with me when I go. lol In the long ago past, very few that knew my investment practices always joked with me by saying that anyone who dies with more than 10K in assets is a loser. I tend to disagree with that assumption.

Keep it going you beautiful addicted brothers (and sisters)

Happy Collecting!




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