Obscured Sets & Sets with NO PICS or DESCRIPTIONS???



Those of you with good pics and even better descriptions worked your A-- off getting there... I know!!! BEWARE there are a couple of "rants" below!

Greetings Collectors,

Well the coins I was waiting on finally arrived today. And with these four additions I am broke, but did finally reach my goal of making it into the top ten of my $10 Liberty/Coronet gold (1838-1906) minted at the New Orleans Mint with this 1854-O small date. I have just two more coins I will be able to trade for and after that, it will take selling my first born to attain any more. At least for any time in the near future. But if the NGC arithmetic is correct, I'm 35% complete with this set & sitting in 10th place.

I counted the points a few days ago to see where I'd be in the overall set as a whole with all dates and all the mints, and that would have been 10th place also. But there are those with deep pockets (or non-existent coins) that from one day to the next, they add 69,000 points and then another 10-20 thousand points a day later and even more a few days after that & are close to halfway completed with the entire set, or beyond the halfway completed mark. Yet they have at most only 17 photos. Of everyone above me, some have no pics, others have a couple and the most photos I did see one collector above me that had all but one coin photographed & had 31 total pics & 32 descriptions. But you know what? the top two collectors (#1 & #2) the #1 guy had zero photos and two descriptions the number #2 guy had ZERO photos & ZERO descriptions. One of these collectors (#1) was over 50% complete with the entire set and guy #2 was at 41% complete. I'm 15% complete with 28 pics & 24 descriptions. (lacking the 4-descriptions of coins received today)

So in the overall set where I would have been #10 I am now #12. Makes one wonder if some collectors go through auction catalogs and magazines and just write down a bunch of serial numbers to say they have this or that, when they really don't have squat. A few years ago this would have pissed me off. But today, I really don't care. If someone wants to say they own this or that, but really don't then I think an ego problem exists, just so they can see their name at or near the top. Maybe making up for lack of size in other areas???

But I will say this, IMO if you can't show your coins in pictures, and you have nothing to say about them, WHY the F--- ARE YOU EVEN HERE??? On second thought, that kind of action (in-action) does me off. I work my off. Not only "REALLY" buying & "REALLY" owning the pieces, but I work even harder on the photos and the descriptions. Only to be "Upstaged" by someone else that probably doesn't own 3-coins in the series, if that many. Oh well, now that I've vented, I'm OK.

But on second thought, don't even get me started on sets that are obscured. This is something that SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED here at NGC whatsoever. What in the H--- is that OBSCURED person trying to say anyway. You won't show your coins, you have no photos to share and you have nothing written in the way of what you have??? I say take your friggin marbles and head your A-- to the house. We don't need you here and if you have nothing to offer or nothing to share with others, you have no business even being here. Go the "you know what" home. NOW I'm done.

It never ceases to amaze me that working on this goal since 2008, now that I got there, the "high" is already starting to dissipate. Not that this is anything new to me. I have worked on other goals, then made it there, only to further upgrade the same series, to the next grade level, or go on to something new.

But anyway I will continue to stay with these $10's, but at a much slower pace. I really need the 1892-O and 1894-O in MS-61 and after that only six more coins will take me back to having all the O-Mint pieces except six, from the Civil War to the last one in the series, the 1906-O.

So in closing pictured below are the 4-coins that arrived today, (only one O-Mint piece) and all are strong for the grade and all are in brand new NGC slabs. But the addiction continues, be it at a much slower pace. Now all that is left with these four coins is typing in the descriptions, total mintage, population figures and other misc data .....Whew...

But they are very nice coins & well worth the work & effort obtaining them from a 180 coin series. But the way I feel right now is, I'll type in descriptions at another time. For the record, I do own the coins and I have posted photos of the coins as well. Which is more than I can say for some in this series. If you have the "bucks" to own near or over half the series, then hire somebody to take the pics if you haven't the time or the know-how to do. Or just delete the set altogether... I don't know about everyone else, but if you have no photos and have no descriptions, I sure won't be looking at your set, that for all practical purposes, doesn't even exist. This is by no means aimed at those of you just starting out or those that are new to the C.S. as a whole. Most of this is something you will have to take your time and learn to do. I think you all know who this is directed at.

Congratulations to all that have reached their goal, or at least are diligently working at completing their present goal. Just know that once you finally get there, you will want to start upgrading those pieces, or you will start another series to work just as hard on. (or they're will be some non-existent ghost set or two above you) I know that the monkey will never let you go... If he DOES let you go, please message me and let me know how THAT was done. I need mu-cho help in that area among other areas. And sorry for losing it a while a go. BUT... I did mean every dam word.

Happy Collecting





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