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Time to switch gears.  Focusing on buying some investment property and need some capital. I haven't really added much

to my coin collection in awhile either.  I decided all my SAC, Presidential dollars and Silver Eagles must go.  If anyone is

interested, please look at my sets and let me know what tweaks your interest.  I am not done being part of this society just

clearing house... :)



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I have returned to Collectors Society!

I have not been active in this society for a few years.  I have been slowly selling off my collection. I have been battling a rare blood cancer.  I may only have only a couple more chemo treatments left, fingers crossed.  Prays are welcome! I have lots of time on my hands and been forced to retire middle of last year.  I decided that once I am indeed in remission, full time retirement is not really for me. I have recently  started to submit coins to NGC once again.  I got my