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I think of British coins like milk, I love them but they hate me. 

I looked over some of my "best" British coins and pulled out a few that I thought were true winners.  I came up with a 1937 crown that I thought was a sure lock for a 64 and maybe even a 65 if the NGC gods were kind.  But it came back a ordinary 63.  I also sent in a 1895 Florin that I would have bet my car was atleast a 64 and that came back a 63.  And to top it off I had yet another one (1834 farthing) come back in a purple holder, hairline scratches. 

My hat goes off to all those British collectors, like RMW, who come back with grades I dream of at night.  

I'm not giving up, I'm staying in the fight, but it sure would be great to be right for just once.  It's still fun anyways.

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Submitting Canadian Uncirculated Sets

Hello Everyone,  I would like to start submitting my Canadian Uncirculated Sets and I was wondering if there is a certain way they need to be sent in. The reason I ask is because if one was to cut the coins out of the cellophane wrap and send them in to NGC in plastic flips then how would they know that the coins came from a set and not from pocket change? How do you make sure that the term "Uncirculated Set Issue" gets on the label? Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.